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Introducing Canna Country 38 – a masterpiece born from the union of Key Lime Pie and Blueberry Muffin in 2018. This extraordinary strain is defined by its buttery smoothness and a flavor profile that's reminiscent of blueberry key lime pie.

With Canna Country 38, you'll embark on a full-bodied journey that delivers not just a high but an inspirational high. It's the perfect companion for those seeking a boost in creativity and motivation.

This strain is enriched with Beta-caryophyllene, Alpha-humulene, and Limonene terpenes, adding depth and complexity to the overall experience. Each puff is a symphony of flavors and sensations that will leave you inspired and uplifted.

Experience the magic of Canna Country 38 – it's more than just a strain; it's a culinary masterpiece that elevates your cannabis journey to new heights.


2024 LINE-UP

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

At Canna Country, our mission is to transport you to the enchanting world of premium cannabis experiences. We believe in curating and delivering extraordinary strains that tantalize your senses, redefine your journey, and inspire your passions.

Join us on this extraordinary journey and redefine your cannabis experience today.

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Canna Country Farm
Humbolt County, CA

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